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Our Anjungcafe, Malaysia hosting business was founded in 1997. Please refer to our free SOHO shop in 1997 - Source NST Newspaper, 18 December 1997

Google Cloud Computing for Business User
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Cloud Computing solutions such as Google Apps alows your company to offload management increase capacity, and reduce cst by leveranging industry experts to provide these systems for your. Connect your email to blackberry, iPhone , android and windows phone. We sell Google Apps based on $50 USD per email account / year. It is not a pretty hard to get a support from Malaysia hosting company. By SMS, our team will ready to assist you at any time.

We prefer PayPal 

We accept payment in PayPal. Just choose paypal, method of payment in your order form.

Softaculous Auto Installer


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Now everyone can have their own FAST web site development starts from RM10.00 per month.Each of our hosting plan, powered with RvSiteBuilder 4 in the cPanel. With RVSiteBuilder you just click & click without no need to know about the programming. Build your website in 5 minutes.
RvSiteBuilder 4

For business owner (Malaysia):-
Get your own 1 day free training course complementary with every purchase of E- Commerce Hosting plan, only at RM300.00 per year with free domain name (*.com, *.net, *.org). Only 5 - 10 participants per day with breakfast, lunch, tea and free gift (anjungcafe (-: t-shirt) . Currently, our class only available on Saturday. >>> Read Our Customers/Participants feedback and testimonial by handwritting

We designed our traning course for non-technical users. If you have your own business, love to handle your website on your own, it is the right course for you which is free for every purchase of E Commerce plan from us. No requirement on computer knowledge as the online software will help you on develop and do the setup of your website. You just need to do a little afford on click and structure your pages. That is all. Just click & click, your website will up and run, ready to accept VISA, MASTERCARD a& etc.
You are not restricted to publish the website using the e commerce plan to our server, you also could publish the website to any of your favorite web server on any platfrom (Linux, Microsoft, Unix and etc) any location on the internet. It is very easy and fun.
Yes, it is the best way for your to up hold the knowledge of web hosting, domain name, cpanel, email handling & setup, e commerce development, handling e commerce transactions and do business on the net. You will suprise to learn the origin of internet, a brief history of internet to the current phenomenon of Facebook social marketing solution. Reserve your seat now. Contact /SMS us at 0122096007. No more depending on the third person. Save money & time.
We offer our training on week day & weekend either at your office or at our training centre location.

 Go to training web site at .

Read Me First !
Our website is sealed by RapidSSL 256 bit encryption. The SSL is most commonly used to protect communications between web browsers and servers. Your personal info is secured while transmitting to our AnjungCafe Hosting server. The RapidSSL helps to prevent an identity thief from capturing your data while communcate with us. You can see the instead of Https means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Get your website with the secure certificate and improve your customer confidentiality.

Do business with us, more confidence with secured 128 bit
"Do business with us, more confidence than others"

"The domain name is similar to your name and the hosting is the body. Without these two combinations, either domain or hosting is useless."

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For buying hosting only please scroll down, and select your suitable package, key-in your domain and check out. After you have checked out, we will send you the invoice to your email mailbox.
Domain Name
(RM) Prices/Year

With our Domain Registration Private (RM 30 / year), we will shieldyour WHOIS domain informationfrom the unwanted activates such us scams, spam , prying eyes and etc. If somebody WHOIS your domain, he will get a total anonymous information. Nobody can trace your domain owner information.

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We can configure your domain name to point to your favorite
Google Apps, or at free of charges and also to your web server.

The domain name is not refundable. Please order your domain name wisely.

We Accept International Orders
We sell hosting and domain names to the whole wide world, consumer and business clients from Malaysia, India, Singapore, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia & EARTH.

**We give back your money to your account with our
Credit Cash backprogramme.**This offer has expired !

AnjungCafe Hosting, Malaysia Hosting Plan
  1. Linux C Series
    For expert user; web designer, programmer & etc. We support Windows FrontPage Extension. You can design with Windows FrontPage & upload to our server-based on Linux. Linux C Series is the fastest server. You can test the power at powered by thousands of records, using MYSQL database. All webpages generated from php scripts and the database.
  2. Linux W Series with Site Builder
    For non-designer/non-technical person. We have our built-in web template. From
    1000++ unique designs. You can publish the website within 24 hours to your server either hosted with us or other your favorite hosting company.We support Windows platfrom and Linux. Furthermore, you can change the web page template free of charges at any time, without re-typing the web pages' content. The best solution to build your own e commerce without doing anything on the programming side and link your store to the PayPal.

Our Linux Series are installed with CPanel Server. View CPanel tutorial now.

anti virus clam image Our server guarded by the extremely popular antivirus solution for UNIX based machines. Includes real time virus scanning and a virus definition database updated multiple times per day.



Free Pack for  SuperMini. With the FREE PACK you can publish your website from 700 ready made templates 

Package Prices (RM)/Year Storage/bandwidth
SuperMini c/w


5 GB  / 30 GB

7 GB / 60 GB


15 GB / 150 GB

Server Features

images show inside the server hosting gadgetA combination of Linux Operating System , Php with Zend, MySql and cPanel give web site owner an adequate tool for them to embrace the open source philosophy and establish their own web presence globally.

For PHP developer, we are support both PHP Version 4.x (by default) and PHP Version 5.x (pls contact us for the setting).

Although the server is powered by CentOS Linux(Linux C Series) still you can use your favorite Windows FrontPage to publish your homepages to our server.

With cPanel server program help web site owner to have a capability to administrate their own web server, sub domain, email accounts, ftp accounts, statistics and etc. (View cPanel Tutorial in flash movie)

Meanwhile on email, you can read your email at server's webmail or download your email to the desktopusing your favorite email reader such us Microsoft Outlook, ThunderBird, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and etc.

The email server is equipped with Spam Assasin, auto responder, mailing list, email forwarding, email filter & etc. It is protected by Clam Anti virus. Inclusively with BoxTrapper to protects your inbox from spam by forcing all people not on your white list to reply to a verification email before they can send mail to you .

We offer an unconditional 30-days money back guarantee. A 100% refund is available within 30 days of subscription period for Linux C Series.

Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy
AnjungCafe Hosting is committed to a zero-tolerance, anti-Spamming & Fraud policy . Under this policy, we prohibit Spam, or any unsolicited commercial email, from being sent either: Over the AnjungCafe Hosting network, by customers or any other users of the AnjungCafe Hosting network (including customers' customers); AND/OR over ANY network— if the message sent advertises or mentions a site hosted on the AnjungCafe Hosting server.

We will remove your website without any warning, if your site is reported as fraud over our network.

Please read out Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policyat our sign up page.

The meaning of SPAM >> Click Here

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Our refund policy does not apply to any of the following: set-up fees,Linux W hosting plan and domain name. It does apply to Linux C hosting plan.. Please read our Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy for more info on refund policy.
++&&Free 1 domain name on Site Builder Series: Omni Pack, & E- Commerce Pack
Free xml sitemap generator

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SMS: 012-2096007
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Do business with us, more confidence with secured 128 bit.
"Do business with us, more confidence than others"
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